Self Emulsifying Powder with SpunMatrix™ Encapsulation

SpunMatrix Spin Dry Technology

SpunMatrix™ Encapsulation Technology

Our proprietary spin dry technology have been used to make unparalleled flavor powders over the years and are now used to make functional water-soluble powder for the food and beverage industry.
oil-to-powder technology produces self emulsifying powders that are stable and great at flavor masking.

The Science of High-Speed, Kinetic Physics to Encapsulate Flavor Compounds

SpunMatrix™ is a low temperature method of producing a water-soluble solid matrix in which the micronized oil droplets  are finely disperse and entrapped within the matrix using a high speed rotational force. SpunMatrix™ encapsulated flavors preserve the authentic flavor, fragrance, and taste by not using high temperatures or solvents. Our proprietary spin dry technology uses kinetic physics and high-speed force to encapsulate actives without damaging or evaporating flavor compounds, develop off notes, and bitter aftertaste. SpunMatrix™ encapsulated powders form a stable emulsion in water keeping the oil droplets suspended and is a potential alternative solution to liquid emulsion systems.

SpunMatrix Water Soluble Powder

SpunMatrix™ powder technology delivers taste and aroma with higher concentration and offers customized solutions designed to deliver actives for your desired application.